Swans Of Avon - melancholische Romantic-Rock Balladen wechseln sich ab mit kraftvollen und ausdruckstarken Dark-Wave Gitarren, mit welchen sich diese Band ihren festen Platz in der Gothic-Rock und Independent-Scene gesichert hat



Nach 5 Jahren melden sich Swans Of Avon mit dieser fantastischen Doppel-CD zurück. Abwechslungsreiche Songs zwischen Spannung und spirituelem Tiefgang. Diese Sammlung der letzten 6 Jahre vereint innovativ frische Beats,satte Gitarren,Dark-Wave und moderne Strömungen.

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Swans Of Avon - melancholic Romantic-Rock ballads change with powerful and impressive Dark-Wave guitars, which have given this band an essential position in the German Gothic-Rock and Independent-scene.



After 5 years the SWANS OF AVON are back with this fantastic double CD with the title “ALIVE - A COLLECTION OF UNRELEASED SONGS”, it´s a collection of rare and unreleased songs.


NEWS-  SWANS OF AVON   ”ALIVE – a compilation of unreleased songs”

Now, after five years at ConSequence Records again, they are alive again and demonstrate

the results of their work throughout the last years. So, a compilation of alternating

songs between excitement and spiritual profoundness from 1995 to 2003 has come into being.

These songs once more reveal SWANS OF AVON's multiple talents with respect to songwriting

and the combining of various influences of Alternative Goth Rock, Pop, Ethnic sound and

Trip Hop, for example.

A fantastic double CD has been created which unites fresh innovative beats, strong guitars,

Dark Wave and modern trends.